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Gathering on the Ninth of September

Miles of cloudy sky with autumn's scenery

We are happy to gather on this festive day to rhyme poems

By fate we get together on this foreign land

Raise the glasses of wine joyfully sing and rhyme

Right here we pass to each other to read the poems created with wit

The poems are filled with emotion for the Double-Nine Day melody

All the present seniors are quick and healthy

Together we enjoy the scent of the late blooming blossoms.

Lantern Festival

It's a joy to welcome the Lantern Festival

People everywhere are happy by the good sign and peace of the year's beginning

Decorations and crafts of silver and gold make the scenery beautiful

The music of singing and drumming is so pleasant to hear

I enjoy the wine with the moon

Lay out the paper and write, fill the glass with wine

This beautiful and abundant spring scenery should be appreciated

So I express my interest through the leisure rhyme.

Ascend Han Mountain in spring morning II

White clouds are hanging on the mountains far away

Fresh and pure morning dews gather on the tender grass

It's so much enjoyment to look around

And feel the interesting wilderness at the height.

Stroll by River Village after the rain

Rain cools River Village by eve

Enjoy the scenery in leisure stroll

Boundless farm fields in unified green

Makes white herons become more distinct.

Tribute to Tchii on the Fifth of May 1990

Good friends gather to celebrate the Fifth of May

Happy to see the poetry trend overseas

Spread the sacred faith in justice and morality

Bring back the good ancient social doctrine

Remember our philosopher at this present time

Care for the people to set the example

Open to the view and have fun together

Rhyme and sing along with drinks.

Suburb in autumn

The car wanders towards the setting sun as its rays beam down upon it.

Heading to a place free from dust away from city noise.

Who could really appreciate the tranquillity of this scenic autumn view?

Red leaves everywhere glorify the clouds in a golden hue.

(Translation revised by Linn T.)

1985 Autumn Festival rhyme

The festival arrives it's time to entertain.

Good friends happily gather suppression relieved.

Raise the glasses to drink with frequent fill.

Share the rhyme bid the subject compose the poems.

With this peace and comfort how can I not miss my country home?

Missing and dreaming of people go never ending.

We are fortunate to meet and share at this place on earth.

And listen joyfully to the supreme verses of poetry.

1985 Rhyme Gathering On The Ninth Of September Festival

Fall is here again crisp and clear.

Good food to enjoy more than words can describe.

Happy to meet good friends from overseas.

Sad to remember the others at home.

Chinese people live and settle everywhere.

Heads of silver threads blowing with the wind.

Today the elderly all have good health.

Who knows how many lifetimes to enjoy?

Responding Rhyme To Fong Zchie’s New Year Letter

One by one flowers bloom in purple and red.

New life is everywhere with the joy of spring’s return.

Walk the garden my sleeves are fragrant without knowing.

Enjoy the picnic accept many refills.

Many good old people elate this nice gathering.

Reminds me of myth and vacuity.

Secure place of tranquillity and peace while the physique is strong.

As far as the mountains and rivers go.

Casual Writing For A New Year

In this foreign land living events are new again.

Good time and nice environment help celebrate spring.

Look for words and phrases to praise the feeling.

Open the heart to drink and savor the wine.

Feel free to go anywhere with no restriction.

There’s hope for freedom and goals to reach.

My heart looks to homeland while I am far away.

I accept and settle with living overseas.

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