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Autumn Rain

Entering another year autumn arrives fresh.

I quietly observe everything and feel natureís meaning.

The mountain far away from the threshold adds to the sense of a painting.

The falling rain by the door rim enhances our rhyming.

Good friends lightheartedly make poems and share the joy.

Neighbors invite each other and pour the wine.

We set the date to visit the suburb.

To enjoy the freshness with white clouds and red leaves.

Binding Love

Living in foreign land with no return.

My homesick heart follows the floating clouds.

Despite so many roadblocks my poetic spirit travels far.

Friends and relatives become few messages scarce.

Who would understand my loneliness and down?

I sigh and grieve this busy changing world.

My blessing to get to know a hearty friend.

Inspires my thinking and reflects my past.

Starry Night

The old dreamlike happy times are pleasing.

The present good times are also nice.

Quietly I miss the old friends under the stars.

Deep into the night Iím awake remembering the past.

The Love Of Books

Simple and plain I live with no desire.

Peace and ease I have no worry.

By the window the book and I make good companion.

Lamp light sheds on gray hairs and brown pages.

Early Summer

South window in bright sun the day gets longer.

Taking the time to savvy and appreciate one good book.

Learn to retrieve pleasure out of tranquillity and leisure.

Gentle breeze brings the water liliesí sweet scent.

Mid Summer


Warm breeze brings water liliesí sweet scent.

Carefully read a book savor the essence.

No need to look for any cool retreat.

A resting mind is naturally cool and calm.


See the shady green through the window.

The fluttering shadow cleanses my foreign soul.

Leisurely passing time in a long day.

Listen to the melodious bird chirps.

Autumn Night


Trees and shades surround the secluded guest house.

The breeze blows the falling leaves up to the curtain.

I recall the vague and fading past.

Watching the moon I miss you throughout the sleepless night.


The old joy is like a dream and makes me ponder.

The poem collection is completed for us to rhyme.

Now that we are apart it is difficult to see each other.

Through all the nights I wait to hear from you again.

The Sound Of Autumn

The scenery shows the color of autumn.

Where do I find the sound of autumn?

The wind whistles through the pine trees.

Cicada makes crispy melodious noise.

Rain drops from the broken water lilies leaves.

The breeze hums through the graceful bamboo.

Listen to these sounds at my leisure.

Helps to cleanse my soul and all troubles away.

The Poetic Mind

The poetic mind is developed by the senses.

Feelings come naturally by seeing.

Seek the interesting through sightseeing.

Open the mind and write the sensitivity.

Leisure and tranquillity gradually settle.

Honesty leads to sincerity.

The pleasure once reached will be unmatched.

At night calmly rhyme to cleanse the soul.

In Praise Of Bamboo

Slender bamboo looks cool.

Pleasing looks that soothe the soul.

Waving strong facing the wind.

Standing tall, wet in the dew.

Tranquil shadows invite me to rhyme.

Crispy sound opens thoughts in mind.

Great joy is here to find.

Me and bamboo find peace of mind.

Spring Grass

Spring grass is very poetic.

An endless expanse of green.

Distinguishes the blossoms.

Makes the wanderer homesick.

Carpets the earth.

Reflects the sunset.

Grows everywhere.

Lives boundlessly.

Green Mountain

Green mountain is seen everywhere.

Enjoy any way you like.

Reflects the sun in its shade of jade.

Faces the wind with distinguished poise.

Rhyme it in poems.

Show its spirit in paintings.

Accompanies me day and night.

My most cherished in silence.

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