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Praise Peony

People appreciate this prestigious flower in town.

The grace and elegance are not ordinary.

Pass down the compliments and praises.

Preserve its fame in the art and literature world.

An Evening Stroll In The Grove

The air is fresh in this cloudy autumn dusk.

I choose to walk and enjoy the leisure.

Birds return to nests, crows noisily hassle.

My mind is peaceful like water without whirls.

Autumn Water

A pool of still green without whirls.

Foster good nature and receive much benefit.

Cleanse all the mundane human thoughts.

Open my mind freely express myself in rhyme.

Spring Messages

The new plum blossoms send the subtle scent.

The tender grass, spreads like a blanket, is so green to paint.

We all appreciate this nice scenery.

Canary chirps and swallow sounds make the spring dawn known.

Summer Eve

The sun sets, the dusk clouds recede.

The night deepens, the world surrounded in tranquillity.

Open the door, eagerly expect the breeze.

Through the window, see the moon by the chamber.

Brew the tea, drink leisurely to lessen the heat.

Read and rhyme, relax and ease the distress.

Peace on my mind naturally brings contentment.

Besides this I have no other desire in life.

Dream Talk

I canít be perfect so might as well be a fool.

Night after night wonderful dreams come anew.

What a joy to tour the beautiful scenes.

How cozy to openly chat with good friends.

Venture, explore, strike, and roll.

Catch, flow, shrill, and roam.

Nourish my mind fulfill my desire.

Dreams are changeable, colorful, and fanciful as real.

The Happy Way Of Life

Surviving the war catastrophe my body is intact.

I am fortunate to be a free man on this land.

Make peace with fate and do good feats.

Conceal deficit preserve honesty strive for veracity.

Time endlessly will prove this way of life.

The value of literature compensates for the deficiency.

Look around me I see all beautiful sight.

Find coziness through the flowing water and roving cloud.

Mind Expressing

For freedom I settle living in the United States.

Seasons change and ten years have passed by.

Leisurely I enjoy things on this foreign land.

As for my homeland I visit in dreams.

Live plain and simple style, preserve the best nature of life.

No desire for wealth and fame makes worry free.

Observe four seasons and live to be happy and content.

Make friends and ally poets to share our interest in rhyme.

Gentle Breeze

Mid summer is steamily hot.

Gentle breeze comes brushing my face.

Freshly cool to relieve the heat.

Seek quiescence to calm the unrest.

Roll up the curtain in my simple room.

Open the door for this tranquil chamber.

Greet the fresh air with relaxation.

Enjoy sitting alone as well.


I can not have a garden.

So I settle on the bonsai.

I intend to use this small piece of earth.

To cultivate the place of retreat.

My tiring eyes find soothing in the green.

Iím happy to have company on my desk.

From here I stop all the mundane thoughts.

And open my heart through the peace of mind.

Night Reading

I am very busy in making a living.

All year long I cannot have a break.

When itís deep into the night.

I do some reading by the light.

When Iím inspired I sing.

My voice echoes on the walls.

This ultimate pleasure is matchless.

And itís well worth staying up late.

Fresh Breeze

Fresh breeze comes from the river.

Crisply into my place.

Stand by the window and open my mind.

Capture the refreshing air into my sleeves.

Enjoy the leisure and fun.

Besides this what more can I ask?

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