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ďWarm upĒ on the New Year

Flowers bloom birds sing to celebrate the New Year.

Together we wish for a year of health and happiness.

Everybody is happy and live in peace all over the world.

And the universe is in harmony and concord.

Thoughts at New Year

Winter comes to the end with another year passing by.

Like clouds and water my life goes with the flow.

I pass the time in the leisure of guest living.

In my dreams I circulate places at homeland.

The scenery reminds me the pals far away.

The breeze brings back endless reminiscence.

When will we all joyfully get together again?

To enjoy and cherish the wonderful spring in the air.

Spring Rain

The fields are green the mountaintops are white.

Birds chirp in the misty drizzle rain.

Itís a good time to cultivate and plant.

The weather and scene inspire me to write and rhyme.

Look around I admire the aristocrats.

Look again I see respectful noblemen.

Look to see the bright and pretty picture.

Look to note up there how pleased is God.

Ly-Chee Ripening

Ly-Chee season arouses my homesickness.

I seek this savor from the guest land.

Thereís no need for three hundred berries a day.

Shu Tong Boa is sufficient to inspire my rhyme.

1991 Poetís Day

This wonderful festive day comes in May.

We honor the loyal historical people.

The trend of literature is spread across the sea.

Righteousness strengthens ethics and moral.

Loyalty endures with everlasting time.

Our heroesí spirits are influential legends.

There is a good cause in poetry and rhymes.

Poetry education depends on us to promote with time.

In Control

I donít go with the flow up and down.

I am content in my own world free to rhyme.

I find so much pleasure in this activity.

I savor each moment for my heart felt joy.

Poetís Day

The ceremony pays tribute to the historic poet.

The day for the poet has profound meaning.

We share the common interest without remissness.

We extend our divine Chinese culture across the sea.

The Moon And Reminiscence

The old happy days are like dreams and make me wonder.

How much is remained of the old times we were together?

We share the moon on the boundless sky.

Mixed emotions fill my heart when I recall the old life.

Autumn Cicada

For the love of the nice season in autumn.

The cicada appears in perfect time.

It lives in the open outdoors.

It comes from the earth but carries no dirt.

Its figure is the subject of painting.

Its crispy voice makes good rhymes.

Itís been praised by famous poets.

Itís the inspiration at all times.

Leisure Living and Casual Affair

I obtain the living placement in this high-rise building.

The room is spacious and comfortable.

I call my friends to hear the news.

I take pleasure in reading old letters.

The four seasons are for me to enjoy at any time.

Miles of sceneries are ample to describe.

I remain honest and truthful; I follow our ancestorsí doctrine.

I keep an open mind; I am free from mundane affairs.

Guest Living and Book Reading

Another year passed that I live on the foreign land.

When will I return on a fine weather day?

I face the moon looking through the window.

I wonder who are cultivating my homelandís farms.

I wish to have companion when I travel.

Fortunately I can still afford to buy books to pass the time.

After the catastrophe I settle with a simple life.

I go with the flow to get the peace of mind.

Lily Pond

The water is smooth without whirls.

The scented breeze tallies by the jade-like lilies.

Bashful eyes linger on it.

Scholars praise it.

We gather to write poems about it.

This sentimental viewing tour is enjoyable.

Together we get a close-up on this plantís elegant posture.

The view fills me with mixed emotions.

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