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Greeting Spring

The gentle breeze and cloudless sky make a new refreshing day.

Boundless scenery comes to a pleasant view.

Lots of colorful flowers decorate the spring.

We should catch the moment to enjoy the season of blooms.

Greeting New Year with Thoughts and Rhymes

Approaching New Year I miss my homeland.

I put my thoughts in writing poetry.

Who’s out there to appreciate the blooming winter plum blossoms?

The bamboo is my companion, but alone I seek in dreams.

I recall the past in the middle of the night.

I long for good news from far away.

Deep into the night I am awake overwhelmed with emotions.

I drink by myself to help relieve some parting sadness.

Early Spring

The plum blossoms send the message of early spring.

Good weather and beautiful scenery are very nice.

The running creek echoes and breaks the still.

The tall trees wear the age of the dusty world.

Dancing butterflies and flying bees are so lovely.

Even wild flowers are cordially welcoming.

All year round the views are endless to enjoy.

Ever changing and renewing we watch them grow.

Poetry Inspiration

Poetry inspiration comes from the mind.

When the night is quiet and calm I rhyme.

I express the missing of my pals.

The sight inspires my mind.

Feelings come at any time.

I adapt by the circumstances.

In it I find lots of pleasure.

Shared by people in every place.

Celebrate Chwian’s Birthday

You’re optimistic living a retired life.

This occasion brings us for a celebration time.

You set the standards for people to follow.

The old phrases carry new meanings over time.

You educate others with great achievement.

Your easygoing nature cleanses the mundane mind.

We are influenced by your bright talent.

I take this occasion to wish you a happy time.

Interpret Paintings

Quite often I sit by the window alone.

Looking at paintings helps to lessen some sadness.

The people are lively and vivid.

The sceneries are natural and connectable.

I am pleased to get occupied with this leisure.

With such masterpiece I don’t need to look elsewhere.

This is good nurturing for the soul and mind.

I feel like on a journey at ease as if for real.

Bird Chirps

Bird chirps are crystal clear like jade.

They greet each other by the window.

Some sound like lovers.

Others are like good friends.

The cuckoo urges you to come home.

The Tea-Hu incites you to drink more.

I listen to the birds at my leisure.

It helps to forget and entertain.


People in the world cannot maintain placidity.

They thrive in crowds and noises.

I prefer leisure and rest.

I sit quietly and watch the sunset.

I let my mind wander here and there.

My heart and soul become eased and free.

I find happiness in serenity.

I don’t envy the famous and rich.

Thoughts On Autumn

I feel the autumn breeze on this foreign land.

This loneliness makes me lose self control.

Seeing the bamboo fish basket I think of the delicacy.

The chrysanthemum wine keeps me longing for more.

Who will enjoy this red foliage with me?

The white clouds connect me with my homeland far away.

The night gets cool; the cover keeps me warm.

In my dreams I wish for a tranquil return.

Mountain Hike

Seeking good scenery I hike into the mountain.

I’m far away from city dust for the peace of mind.

The wild birds are chirping on the treetops.

The creek’s running water makes melody with the stones.

The mighty peak is upright to admire.

The winding trails are traceable and serene.

Loving serenity and being kind get me happiness.

Through the clouds I send my inspiration with an eased mind.

Scenic Tour

I make the guest living easy and expect little.

Together we go on a scenic tour across the state.

We enjoy such magnificent sceneries.

Upon return I seek words and phrases to record the good time.

Old Tree

This old tree is mighty tall.

The dew cleanses the dust and fumes.

Vigorous branches thrust in the air.

Thick shades shift the sunlight.

Passersby slow the pace.

Passengers also get off the cars.

The shades provide cool spots.

People are happy to linger.

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