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Spring Time

The weather is nice with breeze and sunshine.

Spring scenery is everywhere for you to enjoy.

I find birds chirping and flowers blooming here and there.

This makes me forget I have been guest living here for such a while.

Spring Sailing On The River

A couple of friends gather on the boat.

The wind powers the sail to flow along.

The sceneries are picturesque and inspirational for poetry.

The flowers and the moon are pleasantly praiseworthy.

Iím so pleased to face this scenery and feel gifted.

I nurture my soul to be at ease and expect nothing more.

At this night of spring we should all capture the moment.

And follow our historical literates to explore the literature world.

Teatime In Spring

We are having a free and leisure life.

Books, paintings, and poetry nurture our mind.

We gather for the New Yearís teatime.

Our abundant generosity tops it so fine.

Casually And Leisurely (I)

We talk about worries and concealment in the big city.

If you free your mind youíll find the calm.

I watch everything in this world.

But I donít intend to follow any trend.

I shape my character from the inside.

My mind is at peace thus desiring none.

I can be happy and content all by chance.

On this earth I go anywhere I please.

Casually And Leisurely (II)

I live a plain life clear of mundane desire.

I am not bothered by prosperity.

My pass time is on paper and pen.

My interest comes from borrowed books.

I meditate to understand the profundity.

I dream to explore the universe.

There is so much enjoyment in it.

So are the harmony and peace.

Ocean (I)

Itís vast containing hundreds of rivers.

Itís boundless stretching of waves.

It benefits people in travel and transportation.

Thereby it connects prosperity and culture with time.

Ocean (II)

The waves reflect the sunbeam at dawn.

Watching the scene I miss the place at far.

The gloaming clouds are ever changing.

I put on my coat and feel content in silence.

Leisure Amusement

The grass blends the green into the threshold.

My eyes see the mountain green.

I spend my drifting life in leisure time.

I listen to the sound of silence.

I explore through history and literature.

Classic books help me pass time.

I delve and self amuse.

I conquer and forget myself.


The old good times are dreamy and make me wonder.

In harmony the host and the guests verse.

We gather and have a good time.

With happiness from our hearts we cheer for life.

Night Rest

By the evening the rain fizzles lightly.

I sit alone feeling the tranquility.

The floating clouds vanish gradually.

Then the moon shines brightly.

Cool breezes are nippy.

Insects echo chirpy.

This quiet place is so lovely.

I stay up sleeplessly.

Light Drink

All my life I am not into drinks.

Light drink is all I can do.

Three glasses are my limit.

I would be impaired and lose myself.

Once I get the fun out of this.

I find peace and forget everything.

Life is full of rough journeys.

This helps to lessen the loads.


Ethics and morale are getting worse.

Reading daily paper makes me frown.

Riots never seem to cease.

Greed gets out of hand.

Disciplines are abandoned.

Tradition goes astray.

I would lead the folks.

To pray for the days of peace.

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